How Did Kirk Cobain Die?


Kurt Cobain died as a result of suicide. He had a drug overdose of heroin and Valium and shot himself on the chin at his Lake Washington home. He had earlier attempted to commit suicide but was caught by his wife in time. He was member of the band 'Nirvana' at the time of his death.
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Kurt Cobain died April 5, 1994, by committing suicide.
Kurt Cobain died on April 8, 1994 in Seattle. Many speculate that it was due to a drug overdose. Some speculate whether or not it was suicide or homicide.
officially self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head but many people argue that he was framed or even faked his own death.
First of all, its KURT cobain And, I'm pretty sure that his wife is possibly the one that killed him.. and, his band changed music and made it pretty much what it is today.
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Kurt Cobain died of a gunshot wound to the head. He was found dead at his home located at 171 Lake Washington Boulevard in Seattle, Washington, United States on ...
He's not dead. In fact, he's on the 2011 Oscars as I write this. He's 95! ...
Kurt Cobain was born on the 20th of February 1967 in Hoquiam and he died on 7th April 1994. Cobain was a sickly bronchitis child during most of his childhood and ...
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