How did Lisa from TLC die?


Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes of the hip-hop group TLC died in a car accident on April 25, 2002. The accident occurred in La Ceiba, Atlántida, Honduras, where she was doing volunteer work. She was 30 years old.

Her death occurred as a result of blunt force trauma to the head resulting from the car accident. The rented Mitsubishi Montero SUV that she was driving hit two trees and flipped over, flinging the occupants from the vehicle. She was the only person fatally injured in the crash. Local authorities said that Lopes, who was not licensed to drive internationally, was speeding and lost control of the automobile.

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Lisa Lopes of TLC, one of the world's biggest-selling female groups, was killed
she died in a very bad car accident she was wearing a seat belt its just that the car lost control even though she didnt drive the car then they hit a huge rock and the car flipped
Lisa "Left eye" Lopes died tragically in a car crash in Honduras in 2002 while filming a documentary
From her father, she had a lazy eye as a child.
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