How did Lord Rama die?


Rama is an important figure in Hindu scriptures. He is the seventh avatar of the god Vishnu and a king of Ayodhya. Legends say after Rama's wife Sita was swallowed by the earth, he took jala samadhi (water burial) by walking into the river Sarayu. Brahma's voice welcomed him from the heavens, and Lord Rama entered into the glory of Vishnu.
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Lord Rama had not died .He go to heaven directly and join with Lord Vishnu in Vikundam.
1. Begin to show your devotion early on and in the face of great temptation as Lord Rama did by refusing to take his father's throne and instead choosing to serve out the exile that
1. Associate with saintly people (satsanga) Ad. 2. Read stories of divinity and divinely. inspired. beings. 3. Feel the privilege of doing seva (selfless service) to the Guru. 4.
Lord Rama did not commint suicide his life was ended by taking Jala Samadhi in Sarayu River- As per Valmiki Ramayana - Sita Devi would have to prove her innocence publicly, with yet
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