How did Madagascar get its name?


The island of Madagascar got its name from Marco Polo in his memoirs although it was accidental since he intended to say Mogadishu. The Italians just named it that way not knowing that it was a mistake. The island is the largest in Africa and Malagasy is the national language.
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madagascar gets its current name from Marco Polo, the fourteenth centry Italian exploer.
République Malgache was a republic of the French Community that changed it's name to
The Arawak Indians of the island named it Xaymaca. When the Spanish settlers arrived to the island, they renamed it Jamaica, which has a similar pronunciation as the Indian name.
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Madagascar is an island country situated in the Indian Ocean away from the south-eastern coast of Africa. The name Madagascar is not of local origin. However, it was popularized in the middle ages by the Europeans. The name Madageiscar was initially recorded in the autobiography of 13th-century Venetian voyager Marco Polo as a corrupted form of the name Mogadishu.
Madagascar got its name by accident. Marco Polo mentioned it in one of his books as the name for the island based on a hearsay account. It was actually a derivative of the name Mogadishu.
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