How Did Magic Johnson Contract HIV?


Magic Johnson has said that he contracted HIV by having unprotected sex with various partners. Many people at the time had the misunderstanding that a man cannot contract HIV from a woman, so there were many different rumors about Johnson being gay or bisexual or taking intravenous drugs, but he has denied any such rumors.
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It is generally believed that Magic Johnson contracted HIV through sexual contact with someone who had the virus.
Magic Johnson states that he is still unaware of how he contracted HIV. Fortunately, he
I am from Michigan, or rather I lived there from age 12 to 18, so Magic Johnson was a well-known and beloved sports figure. I had several reactions to the news that he had HIV. The
Magic Johnson admitted to many sexual encounters and this is probably how he contracted HIV. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 04:51PM EST. Source:
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