How did Marie Curie change the world?


Marie Curie changed the world by advancing science and the study of radiation and by creating a place for women in the scientific community. She is often viewed as the mother of modern physics, and she was also the first woman in Europe to receive a PhD in research science.

Marie Curie was a woman of many firsts. In 1903, she won the Nobel Peace Prize in Physics along with her husband Pierre and physicist Henri Becquerel. In 1911, she won the Peace Prize again, but this time in physics, which made her the first woman to win the prize in two separate fields.

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she inventid stuff.
The cause of death for Marie Curie was aplastic anemia. It is a disease that occurs when there are not enough red blood cells being produced by the bone marrow. She was famous for
She is the only woman to win two nobel prizes in different fields. People were all like "oh yay wyminz gotsa branizzles now" Thus women's suffrage was born.
As a result of Curie's experiments, the nuclear
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Marie Curie died of aplastic anaemia in 1934. The condition was brought on due to her years of exposure to radiation. Marie Sk?odowska-Curie was a Polish physicist ...
Marie Curie is famous for having discovered two radioactive elements, radium and polonium. She is also accredited for having discovered that the ability to emit ...
Marie Curie married Pierre Curie in July 1895 and they had two daughters together. The first born Irene was born in 1897 and Eve in 1904. Marie conceived again ...
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