How did Mark Cuban make his money?


Mark Cuban has made most of his money from computer technology. He founded a company called MicroSolutions that he eventually sold to CompuServe, and then he started another company,, that Yahoo bought for nearly 6 billion dollars.

Mark Cuban had humble origins, but his relentless drive to make money quickly caused him to surpass his modest upbringing. In college, he opened a night club and taught disco lessons to pay tuition. After college, he worked at Mellon Bank, learning about computers and computer networks. Having leveraged this knowledge into a job in computer sales, Cuban started his own company, MicroSolutions, which focused on helping companies set up computer networks. This successful venture caught the eye of CompuServe, which paid Cuban 6 million dollars for his business. Cuban took that money and set up AudioNet, which combined his love of basketball with his knowledge of computers. Renamed, the company went public in 1998 and was bought by Yahoo a year later. Cuban plowed his money into a number of diverse business ventures after that, buying Landmark Theaters, starting the television network HDNet, buying the Dallas Mavericks and working in media, most prominently on the investment television show "Shark Tank."

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Cuban created a computer business called MicroSolutions which
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