How Did Mark Twain Get His Name?

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Mark Twain claims that his pen name came from the riverboatman's cry "by the mark twain," meaning "according to the mark [on the line], [the depth is] two [fathoms]."
Others claim that mark twain refers to a running bar tab that Twain would regularly incur while drinking at John Piper's saloon in Virginia City, Nevada.
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Samuel Langhorne Clemens on November 30, 1835. He became the pilot of a riverboat on the Mississippi River. He got his pen name, Mark Twain, from the term given to the minimum depth of water needed for a boat to safely pass through.
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It was Samuel Clemens that changed his name to Mark Twain. The author of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, used Twain as his pen name. It is said that while Clemens was working as
Twain, known today as one of the most talented American writers of all time, is perhaps one of the truest examples of a man who was torn. Though it appears that Samuel Clemens (the
Samuel Langhorne Clemens picked the pen name Mark Twain from his adventures on Mississippi River boats. A riverboatmen at that time would yell by the mark twain, which means that
Many authors use pen names for a variety of reasons. Samuel Clemon's pen name is Mark Twain. Clemons once worked on a steamboat. When deckhands were checking the depth of the river,
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Mark Twain changed his name from Samuel Clemens due to riverboat jargon. 'Twain' and 'Mark Twain' were two measurements used by captains. Mark Twain worked on ...
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