How Did Max Planck Die?


The cause of Max Planck's death is not known for sure. He died in October of 1947, which was 2 years after his son was implicated in a plot to kill Adolph Hitler, and was then tortured to death by the Gestapo. Max Planck married his first wife Marga in 1910, and the 2 had a son together. His oldest son was killed in the battle of 1916. Both of his daughters died in childbirth, and in 1944 his house was bombed and destroyed in Berlin.
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Max Planck died at age
Max Planck tried to find and explanation for the spectrum of blackbody radiation. The problem was, that classical theory gave solutions that "exploded" at high frequencies
You shouldn't read any physical significance whatsoever into the planck length. It isn't correct or incorrect. It's just a physical constant. It's the natural unit of length you get
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Max Planck died at the age of 89 on October 4, 1947.
Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck was a German physicist who provided the watershed between classical and modern physics. Around 1900 Planck came up with a mathematical solution to explain the nature of black-body radiation. He showed that energy is emitted... More>> · More images »
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