How Did Melissa Peterman Lose Weight?


Melissa Peterman lost weight from eating a diet that was high in protein and low in fats, sugar, and carbs. She also did a lot of exercising and had a personal trainer. She is known for starring in the TV series named Reba from 2001 to 2007.
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Melissa's diet consisted of heavy protien, and light carbs, sugar, and
Melissa did follow a high protein diet with light carbs, fat and protein. She also hired a personal trainer.
she dieted and excercised her butt off after she had her baby. she's been quoted saying 'it's amazing what can happen when you stick to a diet and excercise.' she looks fabulous too
Melissa Peterman lost weight on a successful weight control program. Melissa Peterman placed herself under a personal trainer and lost about 60 pounds. People were amazed and said's-weig...
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According to Melissa Peterman herself, she got 'serious' about her diet and excercise. She decided to change her diet to more proteins and less carbs and hired a personal trainer.
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