How Did Mexico Change Due to the Mexican Revolution?


Due to Mexican Revolution, Mexico Changed by having a more stable government that is free from oppression. The new constitution were also established and education system were improved. The government also give power to peasants and nationalization of major industries like petroleum were also made possible.
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Due to the Mexican Revolution, Mexica had a more stable government along with a new constitution. The large estates were confiscated and the land was redistributed among the people.
The Mexican revolution ended up with land reform that benefited
Since Miguel Hidalgo's revolution didn't succeed but led to the 1821 revolution, the question might better be What changes did the Mexican revolution of 1810 START in Mexico? (see
In some ways, neither country changed much. Cuba exchanged one dictator for another. Mexico went from the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz to the one-party rule of the PRI. Neither
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