How did Michael Bloomberg make his money?


Michael Bloomberg made his first millions in a severance package from a Wall Street Investment firm called Salomon Brothers. When he was let go from that company, he was given $10,000,000. He used this money to start up a company called Innovative Market Systems. He created the Market Master system, which Merrill Lynch originally invested in. As of 2012, his net worth is 22 million dollars.
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The 8th richest Jewish American Mike Bloomberg have made most of his money either through interest or dropshipping businesses just like the owner of in USA and UK.
300:1. Ron Conway was just interviewed by. Paul Graham. at. Startup School. During the interview he stated he earned 300 to 1. He did not state how much he invested.
Two ways: family and hard work. Al Davis was born to a wealthy Jewish family in Massachusetts in 1929. After graduating college, Davis made a living by coaching football.
Because of Prohibition he was able to supply the product that many wanted and which the US Government had outlawed: Booze. Of course he also offered gambling, prostitution and protection
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