How Did Michelangelo Influence the Renaissance?


Michelangelo influenced the Renaissance by his level and quality of Art he produced during that period. He painted the Sistine chapel, which incorporates 300 figures centered around the book of Genesis in the bible. He also is famous for the sculptor of ' David'.
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He was inspired by events and culture.
Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni have an historic rivalry that dates back to their early careers. Leonardo experimented in anatomy which allowed him
By painting/sculpting the human body in lifelike and realistic poses, depicting musculature in detail, and making his work emotionally available to the viewer.
Michelangelo was a typical Renaissance man because his art work showed
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Michelangelo contributed a myriad of things to the Renaissance such as paintings and sculptures. Michelangelo was known for the famous Sistine Chapel painting. ...
Michelangelo influenced the world in several ways. For one, his paintings and sculptures were years ahead of its time. He also taught the world to appreciate art ...
Shakespeare influenced the Renaissance by focusing on the individual traits that made up his characters. The move from religious to secular and individual rights ...
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