How did militarism impact World War 1 ?


Militarism affected World War 1 from the increase in military control of the civilian government there was a rise in military expenditure, an increase in military and naval forces, more influence of the military men upon the policies of the civilian government. Militarism is the aggressiveness that involves the threat of using military force.
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Since the Franco-Prussian war, the countries in Europe during that period were filled with militarism. Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, for example, cared about almost nothing else but
Militarism denoted a rise in military expenditure, increase in military &
Franz Ferdinand-heir to the throne of austria hungary, was assassinated by serbian terrorist gaverilo princip. austria hungary declared war on serbia, russia backed serbia and germany
it gave AAmerica something too focus on and that's why its such American sport and made it special it got us through it.
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World War I (1914-1918)
World War I began on July 28, 1914, when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. This seemingly small conflict between two countries spread rapidly: soon, Germany, Russia, Great Britain, and France were all drawn into the war, largely because... More »
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