How Did Mother Teresa Help the Poor People?


Born Gonxha (Agnes) Bojaxhiu, Mother Theresa devoted her life to helping people who nobody bothered to look after. She helped people by providing food, clothing, medical attention and love to those who never had a chance to experience it. She was awarded the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize for her humanitarian work.
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Mother Theresa helped the poor because she made them a school and gave them some comfort. Catholic Answer. By doing the Will of God: The answer is not obvious to modern people as
Initially she started a school in Motijhil (Calcutta) soon she started tending
Nobel Peace Prize winner Mother Teresa died of heart failure at the age of 87 in Calcutta, India in 1989. She was mourned through out the world because of her love for all people.
Roughly eighty five thousand dollars and she gave it all away to charity.
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Mother Teresa was a firm believer in suffering bringing people closer to God and salvation. She also felt compassionate to the sufferings of the poor and the sick ...
Mother Teresa used to help the poor, sick, orphaned and dying children. She opened orphanages all around the world and did most of her job in Calcutta helping ...
Mother Teresa achieved a lot as part of her humanitarian efforts in Calcutta in India. Some of her achievements included tending to the sick and the poor by providing ...
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