How did my representative vote on a bill?


You can find out how a government representative voted on a bill by going to their website or by calling up their office and asking. The easiest way is to give them a quick call.
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Voice vote.
You can always check, for a list of votes. They list who voted for the cap and trade bill. If you are looking for a list of the 8 Republicans that voted for
Most Florida representatives voted in favor of a debt ceiling
1. Decide if the voting record needed is from the state representative or the congressional representative. 2. Contact the state's secretary of state, county government or board of
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Your congressman voted nay on some bills. Your congressman also voted yea on a few bills. Most congressman vote yea or nay on each bill presented in congress. ...
The Bill of Rights represents the first ten ammendmants. It is the representation of our country's rights. The world would not be where it is at today if it wasn't ...
A procedural vote is a vote held on a bill in the House of Representatives. More information on how the House of Representatives vote on bills can be found here: ...
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