How Did Nevada Get Its Name?


The name Nevada is derived from the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains, which means snow-capped mountain range in Spanish. The land comprising the modern state was inhabited by Native Americans of the Paiute, Shoshone, and Washoe tribes prior to European contact. It is now ones of the biggest showcases in the U.S. Nevada is officially known as the Silver State due to the importance of silver to its history and economy.
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From out at sea Spanish sailors gazed upon the beautiful mountain ranges of California. They called these mountains Sierra Nevada (snowy range) Sierra Nevada. seemed an apt name for
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When Utah and Nevada split the territory the original name of Sierra Nevada was shortened to Nevada.
It was named after Don Laughlin, who started the town in the late 1960's. - Michael G. Don Laughlin, the founder and "owner" - Cheryl B.
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The state name of Nevada comes from the Spanish word meaning "snowfall" after the Sierra Nevada mountain range.
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