How did New York get its name?


It's said that New York State got its name from the Duke of York and Albany, who received patent to New Netherland from his brother Charles II and sent an expedition to capture it in 1664.
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The state name of New York was named after York, England, to honor the Duke of York.
Origin of Name:
New York city was given that name to honor the Duke of York. He gained control back in the 17th century. It was at one time called New Amsterdam but it was changed to New York.
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New York was originally known as New Amsterdam. New Amsterdam was a name the city got from the Dutch settlers who lived there in the early 17th century and viewed ...
The British got control of New York when it was traded to Britian from the Dutch under the Treaty of Westminster in 1674. The Duke of York sent an army in 1664 ...
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