How Did North Carolina Get Its Nickname?


North Carolina was once called the Old North State, because of it's history. The nickname of the Tarheel State was started in the mid 19th century. The citizens were known as tarboilers. No one is really sure how this came about.
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There are a couple of different explanations offered; one, that during the Revolutionary War, the Tar River had tar poured into it to slow down the British, so the troops got tar
Tar was rendered from pine trees and involved a labor-intensive process early on before technology was developed to make extraction easier at the end of the 20th century. The earlier
Officially it's the Old North State, but most people call it the Tar Heel State.
The Tarheel State: In North Carolina's early years, tar was one of the state's major products. Tar is a dark brown or black sticky liquid created by the decay of organic material
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South Carolina got their nickname from their state tree. The state tree is the Sabal Palmetto. This tree can get to be as tall as 80 feet. It is built like a palm ...
North Carolina became a state on November 21st, 1789. It has 301 miles of coastline, and it's 53,821 square miles. The capital of North Carolina is Raleigh. ...
North Carolina got its name in the year 1729. It was named in the honor of a French king. The name of this French King was Charles IX. The two of them separated ...
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