How Did Old Yeller Get Rabies?


Old Yeller got rabies while trying to save Travis who was attacked by a pack of hogs. In the process, he also saves Mrs. Coates and Lisbeth from getting attacked by a rabid wolf.
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Travis went to trap hogs and got pulled into the crowd of hogs that started attacking him.Old Yeller came running in and saved Travis by fighting the hogs off long enough for him
Old Yeller gets rabies from a wolf that he was bit by while protecting the Coates
In "Old Yeller", Yeller contracted rabies while defending his family from a wild wolf attack.
It was a wolf. ~Tyed~ No. he was gored by the boars but he came through that fine. It was when they were burning the corpse of their cow that had rabies that a wolf jumped almost
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Old Yeller is a dog that is adopted by a poor family, in post civil war Texas, when the family?s father sets off on a cattle drive. His wife is left alone with ...
Old Yeller was killed by Travis. However, Travis, the protagonist of the novel, did not want to kill him. Old Yeller was suffering after a bite from a wolf, ...
Rabies is an extremely old disease that could have been around from the beginning of mankind. Therefore, no one is for sure about where rabies came from. The Eshuma ...
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