How Did Oskar Schindler Die?


Oskar Schindler died from heart and liver problems in 1974, he was granted his request to be buried in Israel where his children were. Almost five hundred Schindlerjuden attended his funeral and watched as his body was laid to rest in the Catholic cemetery on Mount Zion in Jerusalem.
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Oskar Schindler died at the age of 66 from a stroke. He was born in April of 1908 and died on October in 1974 in Germany. He had saved over a thousand Jews by giving them employment
Date of Death 9 October 1974, Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany (stroke)
Oskar Schindler died on October 9, 1974, in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany of a
October 9, 1974 (age 66) in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany
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