How Did People Tell Time before Clocks?


Before clocks, people told time using the sun. They simply knew the path of the sun across the sky and how long it took to move. This method however only precisely measured sunrise, midday and sunset. However, sundials were later on introduced.
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When the sundial casts no shadow, it is noon where you are.Then you had to estimate from there, but regulars users got very close with their estimations. They also studied the tides did-people-wake-up-on-tim. e-before-the-invention-of.the-alarm-clock/answer/M. arc-Bodnick. is pretty a good straight-up one. I'll add some additional context
Before electricity, clocks were powered by energy stored in springs in the clock's mechanism. This technology goes back to the late 1700's.
In earlier times, people got up at when the sun rose. We also have
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