How Did People Try to Cure the Black Death?


Black Death was one of the most shocking pandemics in human history. There are various ways people tried to cure the Black Death, for instance they were washed with vinegar, swellings were cut open to allow the disease to leave the body or placing a live hen next to the swelling to draw out the plague from the body.
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Some people left a toad out in the sun and when it sizzled up they put it on their swellings. The idea was that the toad would absorbe the puss in the boils and then they would be
Bloodletting is the practice of cutting the body (usually on the arms, I think) to drain out some of the blood. Before the germ theory of disease, Western medicine followed the humour
The Black Death basically ended the Feudal System. Faith in religion decreased after the plague, both because of the death of so many of the clergy and because of the failure of prayer
Beyond the impact of the death of nearly 50% of the people of Europe (some figures say 33% the truth is probably somewhere in between) The people who survived inherited the goods
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People tried to cure the Black Death in several ways. Some of them made perfect sense which included quarantine and cleaning out the streets of waste. Other methods were more superstitious. They included not sleeping during the day and avoiding sad thoughts.
The Britons tried to cure the black death but it was not until these modern outbreaks that the bacillus was identified and connected to the rats. Despite all of their best efforts the Britons had no remedy against the mysterious plague.
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