How Did People Worship Zeus?


For some people, they may choose to worship Zeus by going directly to pray in Athens. In particular, they can visit the 1,800 year old Temple of Olympian Zeus to pay their respects to the great Greek God.
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Greeks worshipped Zeus with a fire throwing animals on top for a sacrifice.
Today, some neopagans follow the Hellenic worship of Zeus, as well as other Greek gods &
Zeus according to Greek mythology (that I love) was the god of the Sky. They worshipped him by making statues of him.
The religion that worships Zeus is known as the "ancient Greek religion. Some worshipers will even dress like him. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at
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People worshiped Zeus by chanting and dancing. They also worshiped this god by sacrificing animals like sheep or lambs. Games were also played in honor of this god.
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