How Did Pioneers Treat Snake Bites?


Much like today, pioneers treating ailments logically and illogically, even for snake bites. One absurd remedy was to drink alcohol, meaning to get the person drunk to fend off the snakes poison with the pioneers own. Another remedy was to suck the poison out as you spit the saliva out of your mouth. Then chew come plantain leaves or chewing tobacco and place that directly over the bite, and cover with a rag.
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First you cut a slit in it then bandage it and keep pushing till the poison comes out.
1. Examine your dog for signs of the bite. Most dogs are bitten on the head or neck, possibly because they attempt to sniff the snake. However, a dog also can be bitten on the paws,
1 Make sure that the snake is gone! They could still be in the area. 2 Quickly apply pressure around the bite, not where the venom is as you will spread it. Push around it to avoid
North America is home to several different species of venomous snakes. The most common is the rattlesnake. It's a common misconception that rattlesnakes will warn by rattling before
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