How Did Plato Die?

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Plato died presumedly of natural causes on in 347 BC.
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Plato died in 347 B.C and was born in 428 B.C, he is one of the three ancient Greek thinkers credited with originating Western philosophy. Born in Athens Plato studied under Socrates where he learned the Socratic Method which used logic to achieve clear thinking.
US actress Dana Plato died due to a drug overdose at the age of 34. It is believed that she took Loritab together with Valium.
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A disciple of Socrates, Plato born in Athens, Greece 427 Bc & died in 347 B.C. He died at a wedding feast but cause of death is still unknown.
he died of old age.
Plato, the classical Greek philosopher born at 427 and died at 347 BCE in Athens when he was 80
Though these words are commonly attributed to Plato, they were, in fact, uttered by Plato’s mentor, Socrates, at the time of his death. At least, that’s what Plato&rsquo
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Plato was not only a mathematician but also a Classical Greek philosopher. He was born around 424 BC in Athens. He died at the age of 80, in Athens, but there ...
Plato who was the son of Ariston and Perictione, founded University of Athens. He also discovered philosophy, and science. His famous theory was Platonic Realism ...
Plato is a famous Greek philosopher who lived from 427 BC to 347 BC. Not only was he a philosopher but he was a mathematician as well. He became so famous through ...
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