How Did Psychology Begin?


The beginning of the big idea occurred in the late 17th-century, when a French philosopher named Rene Descartes introduced the theory of dualism, which he used to describe how the mind and body work together - yet independently - to form one human life existence. He insisted that both functions worked together and could be used to explain various behaviors. That theory would be the basis for many years of study.
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Some credit it to 1879 but, this eliminates the extensive expressions from Ancient Egypt, Greece and other cultures of antiquity that dealt with psychology. It began when humans began
It began in 1880 with the invention of television. It was 1920, however, before television reached an actual audience; when it did, the first broadcast contained only stick figures
December 1879 with Wilhelm Wundt.
There are three very good lecture videos, all about. Abiogenesis.
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Wilhelm Wundt is best known for,structuralism, introspection and the establishment of the first psychology lab. He made psychology a field of its own. ...
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