How did pumpkin carving start?


Pumpkin carving started after the Irish migrated into America in the 1800's. Before arriving to America, the Irish would carve jack o lanterns from potatoes and turnips. When they found the pumpkin, they realized it would be more suitable for carving.
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During and around the years of the depression, male adolescents would hollow out turnips and attach them to the end of sticks lit by candle. They would use this "scary"
Learning how to carve a pumpkin is actually very easy! A Jack O'Lantern is a traditional part of most Halloween celebrations, and a fun project for everyone in the family. If you've
Pumpkin carving began with the legend of Jack of the Lantern. People carved scary faces
1. Choose a good quality head shot to create your carving template. You'll want to find a photo that has good contrast between the shadows and highlights on the subject's face. A
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