How did pumpkin carving start?


Pumpkin carving started after the Irish migrated into America in the 1800's. Before arriving to America, the Irish would carve jack o lanterns from potatoes and turnips. When they found the pumpkin, they realized it would be more suitable for carving.
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When carving a pumpkin you first cut a circle around the stem (big enough so you can fit you hand in. next pull the top off just like a lid. Next you will need a large spoon or a
1. Choose your pumpkin with care. It should have one smooth, blemish-free side on which to carve your rooster. Lay the newspapers down on your work surface and put the pumpkin in
1. Consider which Disney characters you'd like to carve into your pumpkin, taking into account the amount of detail each would need in the carving process. Mickey Mouse, for instance
1. Cut the stem of the pumpkin off the top of the pumpkin wit a sharp knife. Reserve the stem for later. 2. Cut the top of the pumpkin off using the knife, and set it aside. Scoop
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