How did pumpkin carving start?


Pumpkin carving started after the Irish migrated into America in the 1800's. Before arriving to America, the Irish would carve jack o lanterns from potatoes and turnips. When they found the pumpkin, they realized it would be more suitable for carving.
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Pumpkin carving began with the legend of Jack of the Lantern. People carved scary faces
Things You'll Need. * Pumpkin-carving kit or paring knives. * Metal spoon or ice cream scoop. * Tape. * Votive candles, electric candles or flashlight. * Push pins or needles. * Ribbon
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1 Visit your local supermarket, farmers' market or pumpkin patch. Find a location with a healthy selection and a range of sizes. Ad 2 Select a healthy pumpkin. When you're choosing
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