How Did Queen Elizabeth Die in 1603?


Queen Elizabeth I died at Richmond Palace in 1603 of blood poisoning. Although she is thought to have died of natural causes, her facial powder contained arsenic. She used to wear many inches of the powder to remain white as she aged and so she poisoned herself unknowingly.
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how did queen eleizabeth died
From the mummy remains of Hatshepsut it seems she died due to an abscessed tooth that had ruptured. It is believed she may not have lived much longer than her 50 years anyway. More
Queen Elizabeth died of natural causes on the 24th of March 1603. She was 70 years old.
To grow old was a curse to her, she remarked; 'I am not sick, I feel no pain, yet I pine away. To have a young mind in an old body was another common lament. She felt the loss of
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