How Did Richard Branson Start His Business?


Richard Branson started his business as a 17 year old with a student magazine by the same title. He later on went on to start a record label, which he later on sold for a million dollars in 1990. He moved on to start other businesses such as Voyager Group Travel Company, Virgin Atlantic airline, Virgin radio, Virgin Direct and V2 music, collectively worth about 5.3 billion pounds.
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Some time ago I did put on a link to my Home Business Blogspot from a. Satellite Interview. with Sir Richard Branson, but I don't know if he did mentioned this particular subject.
At 16 Richard moved to London, where he began his 1st successful business, Student magazine. At 17 opened his first charity, the "Student Valley Centre".
Richard Branson actually owns two private islands, there is no info...
I think perhaps he may have gotten business advice from his dad. Branson always seems to enjoy his work and he makes work look fun. Source(s)
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