How Did Richard the Lionheart Die?

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Richard I was killed in battle at the age of 41 on April 6, 1199
King of England from 1189 to 1199, Richard was called "Lionheart" (in French, Coeur de Lion) for his fighting skill and bravery. The son of battling spouses Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II, Richard was crowned king on 3 September 1189 after d... More>> · More images »
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Richard the Lionheart died on April 6, 1199 from infection in a shoulder wound
he died of an infection of an arrow shot in his sholder :
Richard I of England died in Châlus on April 6th 1199. His cause of death was military action. He was 41 years, 6 months and 29 days old when he died.
Richard Nixon died after suffering a stroke in April 1994. He slipped into a coma and never woke up. The stroke was the cause by a blood clot.
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Richard the Lionheart was King of England from 6th July 1189 until his death on 6th April 1199. He was shot with a crossbow bolt, in his left shoulder by an archer on 26th March. The wound swiftly became gangrenous and he died on 6th April in the arms of his devoted mother.
Richard the lion heart died while fighting in France. During his reign, the first known merchant guild was founded, in 1193.
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