How did the son of Robert Plant die?


The son of Led Zeppelin's front man, Robert Plant, died of a lung infection in 1977. Karac Pendragon was just 5 years old when he died.

When Robert Plant's son died of a lung infection in 1977, Led Zeppelin was at its most popular. Robert, the lead singer of the group, almost decided to quit the band after being so devastated by his son's unfortunate death. Instead of making hard rocking music, the flamboyant entertainer considered taking up a teaching career. Thankfully for his masses of fans, he decided to continue in the band and go on to create more great songs.

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in 1977 when Plant's only son, Karac, died of a stomach infection; his death inspired the magnificent "All My Love" Tragedy struck again, three years later, when Bonham's_s...
Things also took a turn for the worse in 1977, when his oldest son Karac died of a
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Hi Misty! I'm so very sorry for the delay in answering your question. I never received the original email link to this question. Robert's personal life is very private and the only
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