How Did Sacagawea Change History?


Sacagawea is known for changing the course of our history forever. She did this by acting as a guide to Lewis and Clark. This led to the discovery of the Louisiana Territory.
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Sacagawea died on December 20, 1812. She died at Fort Manuel in what is known as present-day South Dakota. It is believed that Sacagawea died of diphtheria, as historians cite Lewis
Sacagawea was a Native American who helped show Louis and Clark (on the Louis and Clark Expedition) around the West. The West had just been bought from Napoleon by Thomas Jefferson
There was no political career for her. If she had had one, there wouldn't be so much controversy and/or discussion concerning her death (did she die at the age of 25 or did she die
The Declaration of Independence was not the first text to speak of liberty and individual freedoms; French philosophers like Voltaire and Rousseau had written similar texts. What
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