How Did Saddam Hussein Rise to Power?


Saddam Hussein joined the Ba'ath party in 1957, at the age of 20. He started out as a low-ranking member of the Party responsible for leading his schoolmates in rioting. In 1959, he was chosen to be a member of an assassination squad. On October 7, 1959, Saddam and others attempted, but failed, to assassinate the prime minister. During the following years, Saddam became an important leader within the Ba'ath Party. In July 1968, when the Ba'ath Party again gained power, Saddam was made vice-president. On July 16, 1979, the president of Iraq resigned and Saddam officially took the position.
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"He was from a very poor family, in a village called Al Awja, which is next to the town of Tikrit. As a young boy he had to steal so his family could eat. He stole eggs, and
Saddam Hussein was the President of Iraq from 1979 until 2003. In 1976, Hussein rose to the rank of general and assumed the presidency of the country on July 22, 1979.
On July 16, 1979, President al-Bakr resigned, leaving Saddam Hussein to take
Well, it is obvious that he achieved becoming an extremely powerful man in his country because people feared him. It wasn't that they did whatever it was that he said, they feared
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