How did Saint Paul die?


Saint Paul was beheaded during his imprisonment in Rome in 67 A.D. He converted from Judaism while traveling to Damascus and went on to spread Christianity in several countries.

Saint Paul was born as Saul in Tarsus in 10 AD. He converted to Christianity after becoming blind after seeing a vision of Jesus. He was baptized as Paul and spent three years in Arabia. Afterward, he conducted several missions to areas such as Corinth, Beroea, Athens, Ephesus and Macedonia. He is believed to have written 14 epistles in the New Testament. Saint Paul was imprisoned several times for his work as a missionary, and he was finally beheaded. His feast day is June 29.

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Saint Paul (Paul of Tarsus) apparently died during his imprisonment by Rome around 67 AD, at about 62 years of age. But no definitive record of how he died has been found. In 64CE
Unknown. Luke, his companion, made no mention of it in Acts. He died sometime between 62-69 AD
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