How did Simon Cowell become famous?


Simon cowell became famous through the American Idol show which first aired in 2002. He has been a major player in the pop music industry in the UK since the 70s. Since then, Cowell has gone on to produce various ventures in the television and music industries and in the process became a celebrity.
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Well, he started his own show called Pop Idol and then he got payed lots of money for it. A few months later he started to make shows in Britain and America and became famous.
His list of achievements includes being a successful record
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simon cowell is so famous because he is a record producer and is very successful in that business. simon cowell has made many bands and individual singers famous and well known. simon
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Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell is a music producer and executive of the BMG UK record company whose blunt assessments of the contestants on TV's American Idol made him the most talked about personality on the show's panel of judges. Cowell has been in the pop mu... More »
Born: October 7, 1959 (age 54), Brighton, England · More images »
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