How Did Someone Become a Pharaoh?


A person became a pharaoh by being the son of the last pharaoh or a head priest. A completely new line of pharaohs could happen if the last monarchy failed or fell.
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King Tut became pharaoh when King Akhenaten, and his wife Smenkhkare died. He married a daughter of the former king. Being only 9 years of age, King Tut did not make the important
It is generally accepted that Hatshepsut became Queen of Egypt after the death of her husband (Thutmose II) He was also her step-brother. The orthodox chronology that places her in.
the first born son of the pharaoh became the new one also know as a part god. in case they did not have a son they would appoint some one in the family of the royal bloodline to become
he did because his dad died when tut was 9.
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Pharaohs were usually born to the father of a previous Pharaoh and chosen by him to teach to be the ruler. The Queen was royal blood and would rule if her son was too young during the death of his Pharaoh father. Other times, foreign armies would overthrow the Pharaoh and appoint themselves in the position of power.
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Tutankhamun was a famous Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. According to conventional chronology, he became the King in ca. 1333 BC and his reign ended in 1323 ...
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