How Did South Dakota Become a State?


South Dakota became a state after the Dakota Territory split into two halves. The first two attempts for South Dakota to be made a state were denied by Congress. But the third attempt passed in 1889. You can find more information here: http://www. sd4history. com/unit8/sdgovlesson2. htm
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The reason why South Dakota became a state was due to laws pertaining to territories. In territories, the residents were not allowed to vote for their representatives. In 1883, the
South Dakota was admitted as either the 39th or the 40th state on 2 November 1889. President Harrison signed the law that made both North and South Dakota into states. Before he did
1. Obtain a blank copy of the Articles of Incorporation for a Domestic Business Corporation. This form is available from the South Dakota secretary of state; you can also find it
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