How Did St Patrick Become a Saint?


St. Patrick was regarded a Saint because he lived his life in the path of righteousness as a missionary. Despite the obstacles he met, he pursued his noble goal of introducing Christ to non-believers whom he met along the way. All his great contributions to the world of religion greatly inspired many modern missionaries to go abroad and evangelize other people.
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Patrick, by his example and preaching, converted much of Ireland to Christianity.
Patrick was borin in the 5th century A.D. British by birth, the son of a cecurio (town councillor) who was a deacon. While still a youth, he was captured by Irish pirates and reduced
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The Words of Eternal Life, Wilstar and The Rocky Mountain Family Council all assert that St. Patrick was not an Irishman. He actually was a young boy from Britain called Maewyn Succat
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Patrick did not become a saint because of his good deeds in Ireland, but because of what he came to believe while still a slave boy in that country. After his salvation, he was called by God to return to Ireland, β€œto dwell in the midst of barbarians... for the love of God.” He went, not to obtain salvation, but because he was already saved and wanted to share his faith out of love for his Saviour.
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