How Did Susan B Anthony Die?

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Susan B. Anthony died of complications from a stroke at the age of 86 on March 13, 1906
Susan B. Anthony is remembered as a women's rights leader, but she also campaigned against slavery and in favor of temperance (the abolition of liquor). Along with Elizabeth Cady Stanton she founded the American Equal Rights Association in 1866, and... More>> · More images »
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She died because of heart failure.
PLACE OF DEATH: Susan B. Anthony died in her home in Rochester, New York of pneumonia and heart failure. Her last public words, "Failure is impossible, became the suffrage rallying
The Susan B. Anthony coin is the first coin to feature a woman. The obverse side features a profile of Anthony, a pioneer for women's rights, and on the reverse, an eagle above the
She was a strong educated woman who helped women to advance in a
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Susan B. Anthony died in her home in Rochester, New York on 13, 1906 of pneumonia and heart failure. She was a prominent American civil rights leader who played the main role in the 19th century women's right’s movement to introduce the women's suffrage into the United States.
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