How Did Tahiti Get Its Name?


Tahiti is the largest island in the southern Pacific Ocean. Before Tahiti was known as Otaheite and it is not clear how the name emerged. It remains the centre of political, economic and cultural activities in French Polynesia.
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The name Tahiti comes from a Polynesian word meaning little island. It was originally called O Taiti but changed to Tahiti when European explorers went to the island. Tahiti is an island that is located in South Pacific Ocean.
It is not clear how Tahiti got its name. Some sources claim it is a Polynesian word and has been there for as long as the people have lived on the island.
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Pômare V, King of Tahiti (3 November 1839 - 12 June 1891) On 29 June 1880, he gave Tahiti and its dependencies to France, whereupon he was given a pension by French government
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Tahiti is an island found in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and is part of a group of islands named French Polynesia. Technically Tahiti is not part of a continent ...
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