How Did Teddy Roosevelt Get His Name?


Theodore Roosevelt was given the nickname of Teddy by his first wife, Alice Hathaway Lee. It's said he later came to hate the nickname because of Alice's untimely death.
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Theodore Roosevelt got his nickname Teddy from when he was a little boy and went on a hunting trip.He could not kill a bear cub that was captured and tied with a rope.
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Teddy Roosevelt was known as Theodore Roosevelt. He was born in 1858, into a wealthy family. From a young age he was unhealthy and suffered from asthma. He was leader of the republican
Theodore Roosevelt was privately tutored through high school. He graduated from Harvard University in 1880 with a BA; then attended Columbia Law School in NY City.
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When an assassin's bullet killed President McKinley, Theodore
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Theodore Roosevelt got the name Teddy from his first name. The name was also inspired to name the teddy bear. He was the 26th president of the United States. ...
Theodore Roosevelt must have loved animals. He had twenty five pets at one time or another. Their names were Pete, bull terrier, Skip, rat terrier, Jack and ...
Interesting question! Teddy is a common nickname for Theodore. Many people started calling him Teddy rather than Theodore at rallies. The name eventually caught ...
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