How Did Teenagers Dress in the 80's?


You need some pictures coz it's not easy to describe the dress by word.
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1. Wear jeans that taper at the ankle and have a light or acid wash. 2. Wear a solid bright color shirt, one that has a geometric pattern or a T-shirt with the image or logo of a
Several trends in the 1980s became popular in women's fashion like: More casual
1. Buy an off-the-shoulder shirt or sweatshirt. It can be plain, but if it has a bright or bold logo/saying on it, that's even better. If you can't find one, buy a regular t-shirt
They dressed outrageously: 1. Big hair. 2. Shoulder pads. 3. Parachute pants. 4. Multiple ear piercings. 5. Rainbow hair color. 6. High-cut bathing suits. 7. Shoulder-length earrings
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In the 80's teen girls wore tight leggings with oversize sweatshirts and put the hair a side pony tail. In the 80's boys wore cor-dories and stoned wash jeans ...
Common clothing for teenage girls in the 1950s included dress flats or high-heeled shoes, circle skirts that came to a below-knee length or tea length with starched ...
In the 80s, black people wore a lot of clothing with the colors of Africa on the clothing. Red, yellow, and green, especially in kente cloth, were very popular ...
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