How Did Texas Get Its Name?


The state name Texas originates from the Caddo Indian word teysha meaning friends. Texas comes from the Caddo Indian tribe who were originally Spaniards. The Spanish translation was tejas. The Americans converted it to Texas.
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The nickname for Texas is Lone Star State. This nickname came from the flag. There was one star, on the flag. The rumor was, the people of Texas, wanted to be part of U.S.
The Black Sea was given it's name in very early times to imply direction. Black was referred to as the Northern direction while red was referred to for Southern directions.
The name of the Bronx came from a man named Jacob Bronck who bought that section of land in 1639 from Native Americans who owned it at the time.
North Dakota and South Dakota borrow the 'Dakota' part of their name from the Sioux word for friend. Logically, because there are two Dakotas, one is North and one is South. For more
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The state name of Texas comes from the Caddo word táysha or "friend", which was used to refer the larger Caddo nation. The name was borrowed into Spanish as texa, plural texas.
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