How did the actor Steve McQueen die?


Steve McQueen died of a heart attack on Nov. 7, 1980. He died in Juárez, Mexico, where he had been undergoing an unconventional form of cancer treatment. The fatal heart attack occurred as he was recovering from surgery on a tumor.

Steve McQueen had been suffering from mesothelioma, an incurable form of lung cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos. When he was in the Marines, he cleaned asbestos-lined pipes and stripped asbestos lagging from other pipes. When he rode motorcycles, he wore an asbestos-lined racing suit.

The detoxifying cancer treatment he had been receiving, which ultimately proved to be futile, involved an organic diet, massive vitamin dosages, injections of animal cells and coffee enemas.

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On November 7th 1980 by cardiac arrest following operations to remove tumors from his abdomen. This after developing mesothelioma which he apparently attributed to exposure to asbestos
Steve McQueen died in Juárez, Mexixo on November 7th 1980. He died of two heart attacks. He was fifty years old.
Terrence Steven McQueen died of the lung cancer Mesothelioma on November 7th 1980 at
Steve McQueen died aged 50, on November 7th, 1980, in Mexico of a heart attack following surgery to remove, or reduce a metastatic tumour in his liver.
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