How did the aristocratic republicanism of the south differ from the democratic republicanism of the north?


While the Republicans shared a similar ideology, the aristocratic Southerners were more refined and believed in chivalry. The Northern Republicans, while well to do, had a more metropolitan view on politics. Since they lived within the strong industrial base, their belief system was more dependent on the entrepreneurial experience. They felt Americans needed to do more for themselves, as opposed to depending on the government to make ends meet.
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Southern employers depended totally on slavery for their workforce. Most Northern employers (increasingly industrial) would not have been able to use slaves, even if they were offered
"democratic republicanism" arent these two polar opposites. I believe you have a typo here and an oxymoron.
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Tom, In a nutshell, the Radical Republicans wanted a punitive Reconstruction of the South. They wanted to punish the South for its secession. They supported policies that would
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