How Did the Blackberry Get Its Name?


It is said that the BlackBerry gets its' name from for two reasons: the color black and berries. It is said that someone remarked about the appearance the tiny buttons on the phone resembling seeds or berries. Some names were thrown around to include strawberry and melon but it was thought that they didn't sound right. In the end, BlackBerry was chosen because the phone was black and the buttons having resembled berries.
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The name blackberry was coined by the company Lexicon Branding. Research in Motion asked Lexicon Branding to help find a name for their product. Lexicon decided ...
Blackberry is referred to as blackberry because Lexicon found the name very pleasing to the ears and the device, at the time, was black in colour. The name was ...
The Blackberry started in the early 2000. The first Blackberry smartphone was introduced into the market in 2002. It was by a Canadian company known as, 'Research ...
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