How Did the Blitz Start?


The main reason why Hitler started the blitz attack in Britain between 7 September, 1940 and 10 May, 1941 was that he wanted to instil fear into the civilians and they would in turn pressure their government to surrender in the 2nd World War. Another reason was that Germany had lost ?The Battle of Britain? and this meant they could not control the ?English Channel.? The night bombings as opposed to day raids instilled more fear to the civilians. This tactic was later used in 1944-45 with the ?V weapons? campaign with London as the most affected city.
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In London on 7 September 1940.
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The Blitz was the sustained tactical bombing of Britain by the Nazi Germany between September 7 1940 and May 10 1941 during the Second World War. It was as result of bombing by the Luftwaffe. The fire went for 76 consecutive nights and numerous towns and cities across the country followed.
After the failure of the battle in Britain, the Germans attempted to bomb London into submission by causing high civilian casualty. The bombings are known as Blitz and took place during World War II.
The blitz started in September 1940. This was when the Germans raided London and bombed the city and ports until 1941. Blitz is a shorten form of the German word 'Blitzkrieg' which means lightning war.
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