How Did the British Empire Start?


The British Empire originated with oversees colonies that were established in the late 16th and early 17th century. For over a century, it was the foremost global power and was the largest in history. It comprised of colonies, dominions, mandates, protectorates and other territories that were administrated and ruled by the United Kingdom.
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In the 16th centuery.
In North America, the Unites States and Canada were the largest possessions of the British Empire. By 1670, British settlers had inhabited New England, Virginia and Maryland in the
Apart from the reasons covered earlier, here are other reasons that contributed to the success of the British empire: Political reasons Throughout much of 19th century, England was
The British Empire is thought to have started in roughly between the
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The British Empire began with the Hanoverian era in 1714. This period saw the growth of Britain industrially, economically and politically establishing it as a strong global empire.
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