How Did the British Treat the Indians?


The British treated the Indians just like the imperial forces would treat the locals. This means that the British considered Indians to be an inferior race. There was a clear discriminatory attitude towards the Indians.
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The British treated the Indians with no respect, just walking in and taking their land. First of all they couldn't just walk in they had to create alliances with Indian rulers and
The Cherokee Indians traveled by horses. They traveled on foot through their trails. They did not have cars or planes back then, so this was the only way to travel.
Native Americans made a travois from wood and animal hide. A travois was made by notching two wooden poles and tying them together at one end with buffalo hide while the poles remained
Back in the 18th century, class wasn't such an abstract concept. It was almost entirely based upon what you did for a living. According to Wikipedia ( Social structure of the United
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